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Ken Fishman attends IDEA Program Development Workshop

Ken Fishman was invited to participate in the Innovations, Developments, Enhancements, and Advances (IDEA) Program Development Workshop held at the Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center in McLean, VA. The workshop was sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration and the ASCE Geo Institute, and included representatives from Industry, State DOTs and consultants.  The workshop was organized to develop and refine a protocol for impl... Read More

Mike Mann and Andrew Nichols Present at the 2016 ASCE Hudson-Mohawk Geotechnical Symposium

Mike Mann’s presentation, “Remediation of Soft Sensitive Clay using the Dry Mix Method,” described the testing and engineering analyses that led to the selection of the “dry mix” process and the use of this approach to remediate slope failures along Tonawanda Creek, in Northern Erie and Southern Niagara Counties. The geologic conditions along Tonawanda Creek and its tributaries, contribute to a number of bank... Read More
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