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Lake Louise Dam

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Lake Louise Dam
Project Details
Location: Orchard Park, New York
Client: Birdsong Development Corp.
Client Contact: Mr. Dominic Piestrak 716-688-1442

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Birdsong Development Corp. planned to develop a several hundred acre subdivision in Orchard Park, New York. Lake Louise, an approximate 8 acre lake existed on the site. Development plans include lowering the lake level about seven feet and removal of the embankment and reconstructing this embankment to a lower crest elevation.

Birdsong Development retained McMahon & Mann to:

  • Collect subsurface information including borings and groundwater monitoring wells and completed groundwater level measurements and hydraulic conductivity testing in the monitoring wells,
  • Work with the project designer, Pratt & Huth Associates, LLP to develop design plans and specifications for the revised Lake Louise Dam,
  • Collected samples and completed laboratory tests on selected samples during construction,
  • Monitored construction in 1997 and 1998 and prepared a report documenting construction to obtain acceptance from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. 

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