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Niagara Generation Shoring

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Niagara Generation Shoring
Project Details
Location: Niagara Falls, New York
Client: Ferraro Piles & Shoring, Inc.
Client Contact: Mr. George Ferraro 716-937-4800

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Niagara Generation had plans to build a truck dump facility that would allow delivery truck trailers to be rotated allowing their contents to fall into a pit with conveyors that would move it into the facility. Excavation of the pit and conveyor required shoring and the owner engaged  Ferraro Pile & Shoring, Inc. to install it. Ferraro Pile & Shoring, Inc. retained McMahon & Mann to design the shoring for this “L”-shaped excavation. The excavation base elevation ranged from about 8 feet deep to about 25 feet deep. The deep portion of the excavation was about 3 feet below top of rock.

McMahon & Mann designed the shoring using sheetpiles and as many as three levels of internal bracing. The bracing configuration allowed the contractor to build the various pit stages, e.g., the floor, walls, etc. without interference from the bracing. The shoring design also considered the surcharge from construction equipment set next to the shoring walls and traffic from adjacent heavy truck traffic.  

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