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East Church Street Bridge Replacement

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East Church Street Bridge Replacement
Project Details
Location: Eden, New York
Client: TVGA Consultants for Erie County DPW
Client Contact: Mr. Kenneth M. Wojtkowski, P.E. 716-655-8842

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McMahon & Mann served as the project’s geotechnical engineering consultant for the design and construction of the replacement for the East Church Street Bridge over the South Branch of Eighteen Mile Creek, in Eden, New York. The replacement bridge is a three span structure. Drilled shafts extended into competent shale support the piers. Steel H-piles driven into the shale support the abutments. 

McMahon & Mann explored the subsurface conditions with test borings to measure the elevation of competent shale and mapped the joint structure of the shale in the creek to assist with our evaluation of the stability of the gorge walls along the creek.

During construction, we observed the rock conditions in the drilled shaft excavations to identify the top of the competent shale elevation and provide recommendations for the length of the drilled shaft embedment. We also used the Wave Equation Analysis of Piles to estimate the pile driving criteria and used dynamic testing techniques to measure the capacity of the piles for the abutments. The testing revealed that the shale relaxed following driving, resulting in a decrease of the pile capacity. We used the measurement data and observations to adjust the driving criteria. 

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