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Pullout Test on Drilled Shaft

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Pullout Test on Drilled Shaft
Project Details
Location: Syracuse, New York
Client: McKinney Drilling Company
Client Contact: Mr. Hugh T. Bruce 716-897-4450

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Syracuse University required uplift tests on six drilled shafts to confirm side friction estimates made during design of the foundation for its new management school building.

McKinney Drilling Company was hired to install the drilled shafts for the test program and then engaged McMahon & Mann to design the reaction frame and test setup and monitor the tests. We used test boring data to design footings to support the load frame. A pair of wide flange beams served as the reaction load frame for the 625 kips uplift load to the 18-inch diameter test shafts. The shafts extended 10 to 20 feet into weathered shale.

We monitored the tests on the drilled shafts, which were completed following ASTM test standards. The test results allowed the designers to calculate the side friction along drilled shaft perimeter. 

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