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Ralph Wilson Stadium Improvement Project

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Ralph Wilson Stadium Improvement Project
Project Details
Location: Orchard Park, New York
Client: ADF Construction Corp.
Client Contact: Mr. Scott Castilone 716-691-5600

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Erie County planned to make many lease improvements to its stadium and hired ADF Construction Corp. (ADF) to manage the project. The improvements included construction of four restroom towers, four club seating areas, dugout seats and a new training facility addition. The entire project, design and construction, needed to be completed on an accelerated schedule, between football seasons.

ADF engaged McMahon & Mann Consulting Engineers, P.C. (MMCE) to drill test borings to identify the subsurface conditions at each of the new structures around the stadium and develop foundation engineering recommendations for each of the new structures. The borings revealed extensive deposits of compacted shale fill placed during construction of the stadium. MMCE developed recommendations for constructing the restroom towers on mat foundations bearing and the club seating areas on spread footings, both bearing on the fill.

The training facility is an addition to the Buffalo Bills indoor practice facility and is situated in a former parking lot. The subsurface conditions consisted of shale fill excavated as part of the original stadium construction over a lacustrine clay deposit. MMCE developed recommendations for building the facility on spread footings. MMCE observed bearing grades during construction.

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