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Westminster Early childhood Education Center

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Westminster Early childhood Education Center
Project Details
Location: Buffalo, New York
Client: Watts Architecture and Engineering, P.C.
Client Contact: Mr. Robert Sanders, A.I.A., 716-206-5100

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The Westminster Foundation engaged Watts Architecture & Engineering, P.C. (Watts) to design a new school on a previously developed urban site. Watts engaged MMCE to provide geotechnical engineering consultation. MMCE developed a subsurface exploration program that consisted of test borings and a review of previous buildings and site uses. The data review was used to identify the locations of previous buildings that had been demolished and whose basements had been filled. The test borings were used to measure the characteristics of the fill placed in the former building basements and the properties of native soil.

MMCE used the subsurface data to develop recommendations for designing and constructing spread footings to support the interior columns of this 12,000 square foot school and strip footings to support the perimeter walls. We estimated the seismic site class following the NYS building code and provided recommendations for placing and compacting fill beneath the foundations.

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