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Borer Gravel Mine

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Borer Gravel Mine
Project Details
Location: Freedom, New York
Client: Gernatt Asphalt Products, Inc.
Client Contact: Mr. Richard Pecnik 716-532-3372

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A gravel mining area is located north of Route 98 in the Town of Freedom, New York.

Gravel mining and processing operations continue on site daily on the original site and expanded areas. 

Gernatt requested that McMahon & Mann perform a hydro-geologic study of the site in order to procure an expansion of the mining footprint to prolong site life and maintain current yield levels. 

We made test borings, installed monitoring wells and collected hydrologic and geologic information to assess the characteristics of the site and prepare a hydrogeologic report.  The expansion was approved and Gernatt continues to provide gravel products to the region.

McMahon & Mann continues to aid Gernatt through the permit process.  Currently, Gernatt seeks to increase their hours of operation to increase yield of select gravel base materials.  McMahon & Mann is active in addressing the needs of Gernatt with this process in providing preliminary environmental assessments and drafting needed documents necessary to keep the permit process flowing.  

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