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Letchworth Middle Falls

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Letchworth Middle Falls
Project Details
Location: Portageville, New York
Client: TVGA for OPRHP
Client Contact: Mr. Ken Wojtkowski, TVGA 716-655-8842 Mr. Dave Herring OPRHP 585-493-3602

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The Office of Parks Recreation and Historic Preservation (OPRHP) retained TVGA Consultants and McMahon & Mann to develop plans to stabilize and instrument the rock slope adjacent to Middle Falls in Letchworth State Park.

TVGA completed a 3-dimensional laser survey of the gorge face to provide information relative to the erosion pattern of the rock face and the orientation of the rock joints. McMahon & Mann retained Earth Dimensions, Inc. to drill borings into the rock behind the gorge face to provide information on the rock strength and the rock jointing pattern.

Using this information, McMahon & Mann developed plans to stabilize the rock face. The plans included scaling loose rock from the face and installing high strength bar anchors 40 feet into the slope to improve its stability. The rock anchors are equipped with strain gauges which allow measurements of slope movement with time. This information is used by the OPRHP to plan slope maintenance work.  

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