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Tonawanda Creek Slope Failure

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Tonawanda Creek Slope Failure
Project Details
Location: Clarence, New York
Client: Erie County Department of Public Works
Client Contact: Mr. Wayne Scibor, 716-858-8702

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A slope failure along Tonawanda Creek has damaged a portion of Tonawanda Creek Road between Transit Road and West Phalinger Road in the Town of Clarence. A section of Tonawanda Creek Road, approximately 250 feet long has dropped about 10 feet and pushed soil into Tonawanda Creek. The failure area has continued to expand laterally, encompassing more of the road since it was discovered on June 25, 2004.

McMahon & Mann made test borings, installed an inclinometer and piezometer and measured the in-situ strength of the soft clay soil that extends to 35 feet below the road. We used this information to evaluate the feasibility of various approaches to remediate the conditions. 

Remedial options include mixing dry cement into the clay soil using the dry mix method to stabilize the soft clay soils beneath the road. The remedial design includes stream restoration techniques to protect the stabilized road embankment using a combination of rock riprap and vegetative measures.   

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