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York Landing

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York Landing
Project Details
Location: Livingston County, NY
Client: Bergmann Associates for New York State Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation
Client Contact: Mr. Josh Repp, P.E. 716-710-3945

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The Genesee Greenway Trail runs along the Genesee River following the towpath of the former Genesee Valley Canal. The Greenway is some 90 miles long and extends from the Erie Canal near Rochester south to Cuba, NY.  In some sections, the Greenway runs along the top of an earthen embankment such as near York landing. At this location, a culvert that carries stormwater through the embankment to the Genesee River failed during a storm event and washed out a portion of the embankment and culvert. 

NYS Parks retained McMahon & Mann and Bergmann to design a new embankment and culvert to replace the washed-out section so the Greenway could be re-opened. We completed subsurface explorations and laboratory testing on selected soil samples. Bergmann and McMahon & Mann prepared design plans that included a new culvert with groundwater drainage, a soil and rock buttress, and erosion protection at the culvert outfall. Recommendations for fill placement included the backfill requirements around the culvert pipe, details of subsurface drainage and fill and erosion protection requirements. McMahon & Mann and Bergmann assisted Parks during construction by providing construction monitoring services.

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