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Hyland Facility Landfill

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Hyland Facility Landfill
Project Details
Location: Angelica, New York
Client: Hyland Facility Associates
Client Contact: Mr. Josh Haley

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Hyland Facility Associates operates a municipal solid waste disposal facility in Angelica, New York. McMahon & Mann began our relationship with Hyland during the permitting process when we provided testimony related to geotechnical and groundwater engineering issues. 

McMahon & Mann is providing Hyland with the following hydrogeologic engineering services: 

  • Environmental monitoring plan preparation,
  • Site analytical plan preparation,
  • Installation of monitoring wells,
  • Explosive gas monitoring,
  • Quarterly environmental monitoring reporting,
  • Construction QA/QC testing of soils and geosynthetics, and
  • Operations report preparation. 

We evaluated the static and seismic stability of the landfill slopes during different phases of development using soil strength and soil/geosynthetic interface data. We also evaluated landfill settlement and anticipated flow rates to a subgrade drainage system. 

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