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Mohawk Valley Landfill

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Mohawk Valley Landfill
Project Details
Location: Frankfort, New York
Client: Waste Management of New York 425 Perinton Parkway Fairport, NY 14450
Client Contact: Jeffrey Richardson 585-494-3000

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Waste Management of New York proposed a Commercial/Industrial and Construction & Demolition Debris Waste Management Facility site in Frankfort, New York. McMahon & Mann evaluated the hydrogeologic conditions at the site in accordance with 6 NYCRR 360-2.11(b), Landfills.

This evaluation entailed the following:

  • Preparation of a site investigation plan,
  • Installation of monitoring wells,
  • Conducting permeability testing,
  • Defining a critical stratigraphic section, and
  • Preparation of a hydrogeologic report.

This investigation revealed that the site was underlain by low permeability soils. However, two aquifers are present in the area, referred to as the upper and lower Mohawk Valley aquifers. The upper aquifer parallels the Mohawk River approximately 700 feet north of the proposed site. Municipal supply wells were screened approximately four miles downgradient of the site in this aquifer. The lower aquifer was approximately 2000 feet north of the proposed site. The top of this sand and gravel aquifer is located 160 feet below the ground surface and is overlain by low permeability silt and clay.

The hydrogeologic report was accepted by NYSDEC who issued a permit to construct the facility. 

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