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Springville-Boston Road - Site 2

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Springville-Boston Road - Site 2
Project Details
Location: Concord, New York
Client: Erie County DPW through Greenman-Pedersen, Inc.
Client Contact: Mr. Brian Rose, P.E. (716) 858-2079

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The Erie County Department of Public Works (ECDPW) experienced a failure of Springville-Boston Road when Eighteen Mile Creek eroded its bank along the shoulder of the highway, causing the highway to collapse. This area of the highway has failed on several previous occasions because of the creek orientation and flow velocity. ECDPW engaged McMahon & Mann and Greenman-Pedersen, Inc. to design stabilization methods for the creek and to design the reconstruction of the highway.

McMahon & Mann completed test borings along the failed highway and found interbedded deposits of clay, sand and gravel.

We designed a soldier pile wall along the highway shoulder to provide lateral support for the highway. The wall consists of steel wide-flange piles with cast-in-place concrete lagging between the piles. The design included a drainage system behind the wall and beneath the highway to manage surface water and groundwater.

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