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Thatcher Brook Retaining Wall

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Thatcher Brook Retaining Wall
Project Details
Location: Gowanda, New York
Client: Wendel Duchscherer Architects & Engineers for Village of Gowanda
Client Contact: Mr. Jeff Telecky (716) 688-0766

McMahon & Mann served as Wendel Duchscherer’s geotechnical consultant to design erosion protection along Thatcher Brook in the Village of Gowanda following damage from an August 2009 storm. The storm waters had eroded the creek banks, causing them to slough. This condition compromised the integrity of the adjacent road.

We drilled test borings along the highway to identify the soil and rock conditions beneath the highway. We used the test boring data and topographic survey measurements by Wendel Duchscherer to design a sheet pile wall to prevent the creek from eroding its banks along Torrance Place. Lateral support of the wall was required due to its height. We selected pressure grouted tiebacks to provide the required lateral support for the wall because they could be installed with less disruption to Torrance Place than construction of a conventional deadman anchor system. We prepared construction plans and specifications for the wall.

During construction, we reviewed the data from tests on the anchors to compare the field data to the project requirements.

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