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Warren Retaining Wall

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Warren Retaining Wall
Project Details
Location: Warren, Pennsylvania
Client: Hill Engineering Inc.
Client Contact: Mr. Gus Maas 814-725-8659

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McMahon & Man worked with the project designer, Hill Engineering Inc. and prepared plans and specifications to remediate and update this retaining wall along the Allegany River. The project is located along the Allegany River in an area that the City of Warren is developing and improving as part of efforts to revitalize downtown area.

McMahon & Mann retained a contractor to drill borings along the existing wall to evaluate the subsurface conditions for design of the new wall. Based on this subsurface data, we developed design plans for remediating the old wall and constructing a new mechanically stabilized earth wall.

The design was complicated by the fact that the development site overlies a former saw mill. Deep fill deposits including soft organic soils, wood debris and miscellaneous fill existed at the site. The design plans and specifications included removal and disposal of these unsuitable soils to create a suitable foundation for the new wall construction. Design and construction work associated with this project were completed in 2001. 

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